Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Energy Deficient Japan Pursuing Shale Dream
Japan is desperately trying to diversify its approach to energy which has for several decades been largely dependent on oil, gas and coal imports, plus nuclear-based power generation. There is severely limited domestic oil and gas production.

However, hopes are high that shales (onshore) and gas hydrates formations (offshore) can be successfully tapped.
Opinion: A green energy loss in perspective — The Daily Climate
40 Solyndras: Ethanol subsidies

In a rare bipartisan show last year, members of Congress from across the political spectrum (but not from the Corn Belt) let a federal subsidy for ethanol expire. The tax break cost at least 40 Solyndras over its 30-year history. Ethanol had been criticized on multiple levels, from its diversion of farmland to its contributions to water pollution to its inefficiency as a fuel source. In the "fiscal cliff" drama, ethanol subsidies were extended into 2013...at $535 million, Solyndra would appear to be the most cost-effective energy scandal Americans have ever paid for.
Georgia Power to close 15 coal, oil units | www.ajc.com
Georgia Power said Monday it will shut down 15 coal and oil-fired units, cutting nearly one-sixth of its power grid capacity to comply with federal rules aimed at reducing air pollution.
The Breakthrough Institute - Should Scientists Rule?
[Pielke Jr] The idea that science and scientists deserve special treatment in politics is often what leads to the temptation to exploit that specialness for political gain, which ultimately works against science being afforded special treatment.

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