Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Lobbyist suggests Xcel may abandon wind; Company backtracks | JunkScience.com
I’m sure the lobbyist had no idea what he was saying.
Richard Branson: Generating Climate Wealth « Tallbloke's Talkshop
Yet ‘Carbon War Room’ people are on paid secondment at DECC, the UK’s department of Energy and Climate Change.
What do they do there?
How much do we pay for it?
Looks to me like the ‘Generating Climate Wealth’ scam consists of taxpayers money dropping into Tricky Dicky’s pals pockets.
Time to make some more freedom of information requests I think.
Twitter / ClimateSystem: Media briefing for IPCC meeting, ...
Media briefing for IPCC meeting, Hobart, Tuesday, January 15. Includes CoE's Prof Nathan Bindoff. Media confirm at ipcc@climatechange.gov.au
Asthma in winter – why it gets worse and what to do - Yahoo! Lifestyle UK
Cold weather can cause asthma to flare up more than usual, not to mention the extra threat of colds and flu, which can badly affect the respiratory system.

Around three quarters of asthmatics say that cold weather makes their breathing more difficult, according to Asthma UK.

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