Sunday, January 27, 2013

Enjoying Snow, While We Still Have It -
In the Northern Hemisphere, snow coverage this past December was the greatest since records began in 1966, Rutgers University’s Global Snow Lab reported
At a Brooklyn Cold Summit, Taking Joy in the Wintry Wind -
Alok Subedi, selling cheese at a table in the plaza, reflects on his native Nepal and on other places he sets up his table. “It’s cold in Nepal, but the wind gusts give you more cold here,” he says, “and Union Square is windy, but not like this.”
Do We Need Big Government to Prevent an Energy Crisis?
According to economist Steven Landsburg, seen in this photo giving a talk at Cato University, innovation comes from “free people, properly incentivized.”

My guess is his definition of being “properly incentivized,” has nothing to do with receiving lavish taxpayer subsidies based on political favoritism, acquiring and retaining customers through government mandates, and onerous regulations diminishing otherwise valuable enterprises.
Contra O'Reilly: On the Idiotic Notion that the Global Warming Skeptics are Anti-Science
It's absurd. They're not the ones who've a) ignored the geological record, b) constantly mistaken cause with effect, c) ignored the satellite data, d) ignored the radiosonde balloon data, e) failed to understand the basic law of inverse solubility, f) played with and hid the data, g) utilized climate models which violated the basic principles of forecasting AND WHICH PROVED WRONG, g) failed to even entertain the notion of alternative causes (plate tectonics, underwater volcanoes, cosmic rays, sunspot cycles, the Pacific Decodal Oscillation, lunar cycles, increases in the solar field, cloud cover, etc.), h) conspired and thoroughly corrupted the entire peer-review process, i) failed to understand the logarithmic nature of the CO2/warming relationship, j) failed to understand that the earth's climate is a nonlinear, dynamic, and chaotic system which cannot be readily reduced to the workings of A theory......................................................................And the fact that skepticism is itself such an integral part of science, that alone should have set off firecrackers. "The science is settled/the debate is over." LMFAO

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