Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fictional tiger scares academic into warming alarmism
The acidic island of the Life of Pi film contains a subtle, artistic warning for humanity. The Ark of Pi released a tiger rather than a dove when it reached dry land, and when the tiger reached land it didn’t look back to help its human rescuer. In Richard Parker the tiger we may be seeing the not too pleasant face of Gaia.
Obama EPA regs threaten 1,000 Navajo jobs |
“The coal mine that produces the fuel and the power plant itself together represent about 1,000 jobs, filled mostly by Navajos. To say that the uncertainty generated by the EPA’s decisions is causing anxiety among those few, lucky, working Navajos is a gross understatement.”
Gummer faces probe over energy firm links as it is revealed he stands to benefit from Government advice on climate change | Mail Online
A former Cabinet Minister faces investigation over his business interests after The Mail on Sunday revealed that he stood to benefit from the advice he gives to the Government on climate change.
Court Overturns E.P.A.’s Biofuels Mandate -
WASHINGTON — A federal appeals court threw out a federal rule on renewable fuels on Friday, saying that a quota set by the Environmental Protection Agency for incorporating liquids made from woody crops and wastes into car and truck fuels was based on wishful thinking rather than realistic estimates of what could be achieved.

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