Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Global Warming: We Didn't Start the Fire — The Patriot Post
[Joe Bastardi] In 2006 I caused quite a stir by saying that by 2015, at least two major hurricanes would strike the U.S. Coast from Cape Hatteras northward. This was viewed by many as sensationalism in the wake of the monster hurricane seasons of '04 and '05, when all I was doing was saying that the global weather pattern -- a cooling Pacific and warm Atlantic -- would produce a pattern like the 1950s in which major hurricanes ran the East Coast (the weather equal of the I-95 rush hour from DC to Boston).

The reasoning is based on research done by many others besides myself. I find it very interesting that with Hurricane Irene, and now Sandy, having hit the East Coast before 2015, I have not had any questions asked about that statement. Even more interesting is the fact that after being chastised about it, we now have people talking about the era of big storms that is coming. But they base it on Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW), not the simple fact that the same pattern that caused it before, is causing it again. Of course, it does not take a lot of grant money to come up with my conclusion -- just a need to be able to compete in the private sector so you can give clients something of value that can help them. So my research is because I need to be paid for the product of my idea, not the idea itself.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: My gosh, this is going to cause ...
My gosh, this is going to cause unspeakable hardship in much of Russia and Europe.Severe cold on way,pray they r ready
Twitter / Revkin: Lack of unprecedented wetness ...
Lack of unprecedented wetness in post of 1766-on UK precip. data needs reply
2012 Was Once Considered Hottest Year On Record, Man In 2024 Remembers Wistfully | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
"To think that we were concerned about a 55.3-degree average is almost comical, but then, I guess at that point we must have still had some kind of perceivable ozone layer," Gibson said fondly while reapplying the full-body coat of UV-resistant resin he and his fellow citizens of the 43 contiguous United States wear at all times. "Today, you wouldn't think twice about a 96-degree day in the middle of February..."

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