Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Obama Environmental Picks Seen Focusing On Oil Boom - Bloomberg
Obama may end up assembling a second- term team for a different task: how to manage the boom in U.S. production of oil and natural gas.
Inflation Fears Heat Up in Chilly China -
BEIJING—China's coldest winter in almost three decades is stoking inflation fears as some food and energy prices rise amid an unusual cold snap.
Pakistan - Fog brings record low temperatures, makes travelling risky
Fog brings record low temperatures, makes travelling risky
European Carbon May Decline to Record as Glut Expands - Bloomberg
European Union emission permits are poised to drop to a record in the first half as member states in the world’s largest carbon market fail to diminish the biggest- ever glut.
California Ratepayers to Receive Cap-and-Trade Dividend
California regulators will direct the state's largest utilities to return 85% of cap-and-trade proceeds to ratepayers. The move, which comes about a month after the successful completion of California's first carbon allowance auction, aims at offsetting higher electricity costs resulting from the cap-and-trade program, by providing a "climate dividend" on utility bills.   [Can someone explain to me again exactly how this ridiculous scheme is supposed to prevent bad weather in Perth Amboy?]

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Anonymous said...

"California Ratepayers to Receive Cap-and-Trade Dividend"

So, they take money from us and then return 85% of it and call it a dividend? Wow. These are the same people who are profusely printing money like there is no tomorrow...

And what about getting our money back on all of the other things that are going to cost more from cap-and-trade?... Oh, I forgot, the goal here is to make things more expensive for us so we consume less and save natural resources for the rest of the world so developing nations can develop and get more women working so they have less kids. And also to save Gaia.