Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Gone Bezerkers. Climate change will turn humans turn into hobbits « JoNova
Let’s look at the more similar warming era 0.000 million years ago known as the Green Revolution. The world has been warming for 300 years as CO2 levels rose rapidly, but farm animals got bigger, fatter, and multiplied several magnitudes. The awful consequences of warming and all that extra aerial fertilizer meant that the human population only got ten times larger and quite a lot taller.
Wrong Prediction, Wrong Science; Unless It’s Government Climate Science. | Watts Up With That?
Some claim the failures are due to limited computer capacity. It makes no difference. The real problems are inadequate data, lack of understanding of most major mechanisms, incorrect assumptions, and a determination to prove instead of falsify the AGW hypothesis.
Arctic freeze blasts back...and it will last for weeks | UK | Express.co.uk - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express
WINTER will roar in with a vengeance this week with a savage Arctic freeze likely to last until the middle of next month.

Temperatures will plummet by more than 20C as Britain is plunged into weeks of shivering misery, forecasters warned.
Greatest Snow on Record for December
This image from the Rutgers Snow Lab shows that there was so much snow in the Northern Hemisphere that it broke a December record.

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