Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Live Footage Of Wind Turbine Industry Demolishing Rare Bald Eagle Nest In Ontario!
The raw emotion of the protesters doing the camera work is clear and understandable. Imagine how the media would have handled this had it been for an oil drilling rig or pipeline. But because this eviction is to make way for “clean” planet-saving wind-turbines, which are going to spend 80% of their lifetimes idle, it’s okay for the media.
Hagel the Kyoto-Slayer | Power Line
He was the key person behind the “Byrd-Hagel” resolution in the Senate in 1997 denouncing the Kyoto treaty in the draft form that existed at the time. The Byrd-Hagel resolution was essentially a missile aimed at the Clinton administration that said Don’t even think of bringing this crap treaty to the Senate if it doesn’t include India and China. It passed by a vote of 97 – 0; think of who was included in that vote for this to happen—such prominent “climate deniers” as Babs Boxer and John Kerry.

Al Gore went off to Kyoto at the 11th hour to beg for some kind of fig leaf he could take back to the Senate, but was sent packing with no concession at all. (The Chinese, I am told by permanent State Department staff who were in the room, were especially blunt, asking Gore: “We don’t understand you Americans. Do you expect us to be poor forever?”)
Climate change doubter clears air on funding
We are not "funded by the oil industry," as McNamara says. Unlike groups such as the David Suzuki Foundation, we have no funding from industry of any kind...
And, contrary to McNamara's statements, my only involvement with tobacco was when, as an airworthiness engineer with Transport Canada in the 1980s, I pushed then-Transport minister John Crosby to ban smoking on medium-and long-haul flights.
Tom Harris Executive director, International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC)
Twitter / [Actor Mark "Incredible Hulk" Ruffalo]: Natural Gas is as bad as any ...
Natural Gas is as bad as any other fossil fuel for Climate Change. The bridge to more global warming.

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