Wednesday, January 09, 2013

How urban heat islands are making India hotter | John Vidal and Samarth Pathak | Global development |
Increasing urbanisation may result in microclimates for cities, risking the health of people living there
Bihar, India - Cold causes railway tracks to crack
All schools closed as severe cold grips state – Temperatures 9-14°C below normal.
Up to three feet of snow for Mt Baker WA tonight
30-36 inches (.91 meters) of snow forecast for Mt. Baker (at 10,000 feet) Tuesday night to Wednesday morning.
The New Nostradamus of the North: Promoters of the Mother Earth cult have "blessed" the new Greenpeace mega yacht
Captain Stewart and his fellow travelers must be congratulated for picking the right date for their Pacific cruise. The "blazing sunshine" of the pristine Matauri Bay most certainly beats the cold and grey January weather here in the northern hemisphere.
More Tricks from East Anglia « Climate Audit
How did Acton “establish” that the “potential” deletion of emails from UEA property did not take place, given that there is unequivocal documentary evidence that Briffa and others did in fact remove emails from UEA.
I am struggling to try to figure out an honest explanation of these facts, but thus far, cannot think of one. If anyone can provide an interpretation of this information that is not damning to UEA, I’d appreciate it.

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