Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ICE INJURIES: 200+ slip-and-fall cases in Twin Cities - KMSP-TV
MINNEAPOLIS (KMSP) - Ice-related injuries sent more than 200 patients to the hospital Tuesday morning in Minneapolis, St. Paul and other metro cities.
KELOLAND.com | Emergency Rooms Fill Up With Ice Injuries
SIOUX FALLS, SD -  From your driveway, to your parking lot at work, ice is everywhere. And the elements are making KELOLAND emergency rooms very busy.

"We have been seeing a lot of falls for the past two days, today and yesterday. Lots of people with slip and falls from their driveway or church," Sanford Emergency Room Doctor Leighton Singh said.
Pity Poland « NoFrakkingConsensus
Last year I wrote a piece titled Mother Mexico and the Jackals in which I described the shocking lack of empathy greens have for ordinary Mexicans. The same dynamic is clearly at work with respect to Poland.

Environmentalists seem intent on heaping bad publicity on that country, on pushing it in directions that make no sense if we care about real people who are struggling right now.
Feds spend $80 million now to possibly save $170 million over 20 years on energy efficiency at military base | JunkScience.com
Honeywell hits the honey pot today for false and/or futile hopes of tomorrow.
'Car czar' likens Krugman's debt analysis to climate change denial | The Daily Caller
“[T]o me, being a debt denier is the same thing as being a climate change denier,” [Rich private-jet flyer] Rattner said. “We’re putting millions of tons of carbon in our atmosphere every day that we are going to have to deal with, and we’re incurring billions of debt every day we have to deal with. And sure, they’re different problems, but I think it’s the same issue. Do you recognize they’re problems and deal with or do you simply let them, or do you sit and let them fester until something bad happens?”

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Rattner pays Krugman a grotesquely undeserved compliment.