Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Suzlon’s Tanti Predicts ‘Flat’ Wind Turbine Market in 2013 - Bloomberg
“This year is going to be a tough one for the wind energy business,” said Debasish Mishra, senior director, Deloitte Touche Tohamatsu. “Especially in India, Suzlon and its competitors have to face up to huge overcapacity and falling orders as the government has withdrawn benefits like allowing accelerated depreciation and generation-based incentives.”
Twitter / RyanMaue: @afreedma why isn't Hurricane ...
@afreedma why isn't Hurricane Katrina used anymore as the harbinger of global warming destruction? New Orleans is already below sea level.
Twitter / afreedma: @ryanmaue Personally, don't ...
@ryanmaue Personally, don't think Katrina was a great example of a global warming disaster. More of an engineering failure.
Obama Czar Rattner Decries 'Climate-Change Deniers'—But Flies Big Private Jet | NewsBusters
I hate to criticize a fellow pilot, but when one engages in such sky-high hypocrisy, well . . .

On Morning Joe today, former Obama car czar Steve Rattner, a very successful hedge fund manager, decried "climate-change denier[s]." This is the same Rattner who, at last report, owned a "15,000-square-foot mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, to which [he] flies regularly on a Dassault Falcon 2000 jet [see file photo] he pilots himself." Rattner wrung his hands over the fact that we're "putting millions of tons of carbon into the atmosphere every day."

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