Monday, January 28, 2013

Jason Box responds to Andy Revkin
environmental journalist Andrew Revkin writes: “The dramatic surface melting [in Greenland], while important to track and understand has little policy significance.”...Anthropocene climate is forced an estimated 4/5 by by elevated greenhouse gasses and black carbon aerosols...
Richard Alley: “While Antarctica is relatively unknown, Greenland is relatively known and therefore useful to guide policy even if the ice sheet becomes second most important to sea level, and to provide guidance to Antarctic colleagues [in surface melt studies]”
Lapland experiences record freeze
Record low temperatures have been recorded in Finnish Lapland, with the mercury plummeting to -36.1 degrees Celsius overnight. The Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) registered the new low at Kevojärvi in Utsjok
Quadrant Online - Our hottest week ever?
The Bureau of Meteorology temperature recording is not straightforward. It's not the minimum and maximum temperatures from midnight one day to midnight the next as some people think, and if you think about the "observers" going outside to read thermometers once per day you'll understand why.

The convention used by the Bureau is that the maximum and minimum temperatures are read at 9:00am. The minimum temperature is recorded against "today" and the maximum temperature recorded against "yesterday", the latter on the assumption that it more likely occurred yesterday afternoon than during the first nine hours of today.
As Promised, Obama Energy Policy Bankrupts New Coal Plant
And bankrupt them it did. Well done, low-info voters.

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