Monday, January 28, 2013

The green deal is just for fatcats, not consumers | John Vidal | The Guardian
My hunch is that the scheme will be a dud. It will appeal to private landlords and to some people wanting to spread the load of a particularly expensive piece of energy-saving kit; but for nearly everyone else, it promises to be over-complicated, burdensome, slow, restrictive, needlessly bureaucratic and open to mis-selling.
Five major fires accompany cold snap
The cold snap that has gripped Quebec over the past six days is likely to blame for the spike in fires across the province. On Friday, Red Cross spokesperson Myrian Marotte told The Gazette that people may do unsafe things when faced with frozen pipes or broken heating systems, and that those actions (leaving a space heater unattended, for instance) often lead to more fires.
Carbon Credit Traders Shut As FSA Warns On Scams -
Fears that some investment firms offering carbon credit investment opportunities are just scams has been confirmed after the government closed down one of the industry’s leading players.
A Peek Inside The Scientifically Dysfunctional Mind Of Climate Alarmists | Real Science
winter snow extent has been increasing, and four of the five greatest snow extents have been since the year 2000.

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