Wednesday, January 16, 2013

National Review slapps at Mann climate change libel suit
In a nice touch, the defendants cite from Mann’s own book – where he allegedly likened the climate debate to “war,” as an example of hyperbole because “reasonable readers would understand that Mann is not engaged in a literal ‘war.’”
Marooned Global Warmers Face Shrinking Floes Of Money :: The Market Oracle
Strange things are happening to the previously almost traditional AGW Talkshow, as I reported in a recent article. Darwinian-type evolution is clearly underway: the Talkshow started with global warming in the heydays of Gore, Lovelock, Hansen and similar charlatans; their cause - we mean their meal ticket - then mutated into climate change fear; today's final stage mutant is an almost totally new whine: Bad Weather. We can expect or fear that Bad Weather Blues singers, croakers and charmers will now proliferate like cockroaches in New York or djihadists in the African desert and pop up almost daily on TV and the Internet. To be sure and certain, they will fill future UN climate conference halls with its high-priced speakers and delegates.
Mike Bellamente: 5 Tips for Handling Climate Skeptics in 2013
A word to the wise: Whatever you do, don't go running around, arms flailing, screaming "Sound the alarms! Climate change is going to kill us all!" -- people tend to respond negatively to this type of behavior.

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