Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Snapshots from the last days of the dying global warming hoax: With almost no one watching, James Hansen leads a sparse DC march on a cold day

Climate change activists turn to plans, persuasion, prayer in Obama’s second term
Carrying a beach ball-sized Earth, Hansen led the interfaith protesters the two blocks from the church to the White House. Others carried banners saying “God calls to us all: Heal the Earth.” The march along wet streets was silent but for a small troupe of Buddhist drummers.

James Hansen has a dream… a world freed from climate change.
[From Hansen's speech yesterday] We have a dream - that the President will stand as firm as Abraham Lincoln when he faced the great moral issue of slavery - and, like Franklin Roosevelt or Winston Churchill, he will speak with the public, enlisting their support and reassuring them.
At a Climate Protest, Science and Religion -
After prayers and religious readings from Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu and Sikh leaders and a few American Indian chants, the names and ages of the victims of Hurricane Sandy were read aloud, with the crowd responding “present” to acknowledge “the spiritual presence of the deceased.”

A photo of the program is here.

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