Thursday, January 31, 2013

Nearly 4½ meters of snow in the French Pyrenees
“The height of a 2-storey building.” (14 ft – 9 inches) – Snow depths not seen in 20 years.
Severe blizzard in Eastern Romania - Video
Terrible blizzard passes from Moldova and south. About 50 national and county roads remain closed across the country due to snow’s blizzard.
Arctic Cyclone Had Insignificant Impact on 2012 Ice Retreat -
This is one modeling study, so the question is hardly resolved.
INTERVIEW: World Bank eyes spring launch for new carbon fund - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Jan 31 (Reuters Point Carbon) – The World Bank aims to launch a new carbon fund this spring after it was delayed almost a year because falling carbon prices made it harder to raise cash, a senior official at the bank told Reuters Point Carbon.
EU carbon slumps 10 pct on market fix fears - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Jan 31 (Reuters Point Carbon) – EU carbon allowances fell 10 percent on Thursday as fears that the EU Commission will be unable to push through its plans to fix the market combined with fresh supply of permits and weak energy prices sent prices tumbling, traders said.
Twitter / vvolco: MT@ayesharascoe: Energy Sec ...
MT@ayesharascoe: Energy Sec Chu spoke several mins about #CCS before realizing reporters had asked him about budget sequestration. classic

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