Thursday, January 31, 2013

Understanding Climate Models | Real Science
Climate Science Axiom # 1 : If a politically correct scientist writes some crap code in a crap language like Fortran, the output of the program is guaranteed to be correct.
Climate Change Plan For Yorkshire & Humber « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
There is absolutely no justification at all for the scaremongering presented in this report, though it no doubt makes the politicians, scientists, committee members and other assorted busybodies feel very self important.

Whatever may happen to the climate as we approach 2050, it is clear that the scientists and their models have no earthly idea about it. Spending billions of pounds addressing problems that may not occur, or worse still addressing the wrong ones, cannot be justified.
Glacial Melt Drowning Alaska | Real Science
Rapidly melting glaciers are pouring into the ocean, causing sea level to fall along the Alaska coast over the last twenty years.
Most Extreme Disaster Ever | Real Science
NOAA has determined that the mild golf course weather in the east last winter was more severe than the period from 1845-1852 – when a million people in Ireland died of starvation.

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