Thursday, January 31, 2013

Why Cold Weather Super Bowl Could Be a Financial Boon
"The possible TV visual of snowy, icy empty seats will have a devastating impact on the NFL," said John Goodman, head of John Goodman Public relations. "And the sporting press will be writing about the fiasco weeks after the game. Playing in a cold weather site is a huge gamble for the NFL and Roger Goodell that could have sky high or devastating PR results."

Bad weather means bad economics said Arthur Fleisher, professor of economics at Metropolitan State University of Denver.
Frost hits northern Mexico vegetables, total damage unknown
Reports coming out of some of the most important vegetable-growing regions in northern Mexico indicate that abnormally low temperatures have damaged crops there. The affected areas stretch through the northern part of Sinaloa and the southern part of Sonora.
90 percent of the vegetables grown in the affected areas are exported to the United States.
State houses introduce ALEC climate skeptic school bill -
Arizona, Oklahoma and Colorado this year joined the dubious list of states to have this year introduced a bill which would mandate the teaching of climate change skepticism in public school systems, according to an investigation by DeSmog Blog’s Steve Horn. Horn reported that Environmental Literacy Improvement Act, a model bill written by the American Legislative Exchange Council with libertarian, climate skeptic think tank the Heartland Institute, is already gaining ground in State Houses around the country.
Williams Partners’ Transco Pipeline Delivers Record Volume of Natural Gas During Recent Bitter Cold on East Coast
Williams Partners L.P. (NYSE: WPZ) delivered a record amount of natural gas on its Transco interstate gas pipeline to meet demand driven by last week’s bitter cold weather in markets on the U.S. Eastern Seaboard.

The Transco pipeline delivered a record-breaking 10.4 million dekatherms on Jan. 22. The new peak-day mark surpasses the previous high of 9.7 million dekatherms set early last year.

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