Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 dead, 20 hurt in 'mile long' I-75 crash in Detroit during whiteout | The Detroit News
Detroit — Three people, including two children, are dead from a massive pileup crash involving 30 vehicles during Thursday morning rush hour, closing Interstate 75 near Springwells and prompting an emergency request for 20 ambulances.
Lobbying Muscle and Green Agenda Blinded Boeing to Reality | National Legal and Policy Center
There are those who will pooh-pooh the idea that Boeing overreached in its pursuit of “green” technology, and will argue that the aviation industry always seeks to lower its costs (like any business), especially the biggest ones: labor and fuel. This is true, but when it comes to what powers their aircraft, in a true free market not distorted by government giveaways, businesses such as Boeing would certainly err closer to the tried-and-true rather than the experimental. But because of those massive deformations in the marketplace, behemoth Boeing is in the business of political ingratiation as much as it is in the business of making aviation and aeronautical equipment.
Climate change: Beckmann vs. two U-M professors - Politics - The Detroit News
At The Detroit News op-ed page we allow for debate more than you’ll see at a lot of opinion pages. You don’t have to agree with us and we don’t have to agree with you. You just have to argue your side to the best of your ability.

Over the last two weeks we’ve run two columns on climate change, one by Detroit News columnist and WJR radio host (and voice of U-M football) Frank Beckmann, taking the skeptical position; the other by University of Michigan professors Donald Scavia and Knute Nadelhoffer, argues that yeah, climate change is real and we should be talking about how to resolve it, not debating its very existence.
Twitter / capitalweather: [Must be the CO2]
Amazing...after 70 degs yesterday, snow flurries today in DC's N suburbs. Whiplash weather!

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