Thursday, January 31, 2013

UN Shock News : Entire Nations Drowned In 1999 | Real Science
Earth ran out of time 14 years ago, and we all fled and then died horrible global warming deaths.
Japan’s ‘Cool Hand Luke’ moment for surface temperature | Watts Up With That?
it suggests that Japan is using an entirely different method for both land and sea data. For the post 2001 land data, it suggests they use the CLIMAT data as is, rather than the “value added” processing that NCDC/NOAA and NASA GISS do
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Two new papers find global fire activity decreased in 20th century
In his inauguration speech, President Obama claimed the "devastating impact of raging fires" was due to man-made climate change. However, two papers published this week find that global fire activity has declined since pre-industrial times.
Can Obama Do for the Grid What Eisenhower Did for Highways? -
A recent study [footnote 1] shows that even the Atlantic region of the United States can achieve electric energy self-sufficiency, using a combination of wind and solar, aided by storage which is feasible today.

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