Saturday, January 19, 2013

New York Times Sets Bar Just a Little Higher for Climate Misinformation
And I confess that even knowing the extent to which the Times distorts climate information I am astounded that equating the U.S. temperature record with the world temperature record, when brought to the paper’s editors’ attention, does not merit a correction. It has come to this.
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+ #SWClimate - big question: is there is a AGW trend in the cold outbreaks, and so far seems yes, linked to rapid Arctic sea ice decline.
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One of the most compelling presentations at ICCC7 was by Stanley Goldberg, a research scientist with the Hurricane Research division with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

He says the link that we have all heard through mainstream media about more violent storms caused by a rise in global temperatures are mostly manipulated by our ability to better “observe” weather globally. In one compelling case he shows how it used to be that between 100 and 75 percent of the observed storms in pre-satellite days made landfall, once satellite technology was available, the percentage of observed storms that made landfall fell to 59 percent. The implication is that since the decrease in storms making landfall accompanies advances in technology and does not represent an increase in the number of storms that make landfall, the only explanation is that through technology our ability to observe storms is better than its has been in the past.
Deep freeze records set across the country | Finland
Thursday night’s extreme cold set new temperature records across Finland. [Via Global Freeze]

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