Sunday, January 06, 2013

‘No global warming for 16 years’
Christopher Monckton explains truth of scandal over climate change
Money for nothing: Plan could reap $70m a year in credits | Clarence Valley Daily Examiner
AS THE Clarence Valley's most likely first licensed carbon trader under the Federal Government's Carbon Farming Initiative, George Oxenbridge of Glenugie has devised a plan to bring the Northern Rivers about $70 million per year for the next 20 years.

The main thrust of his pilot plan is, rather than extracting the area's vast reserves of coal seam gas, to postpone the extraction for 100 years and in doing so prevent the carbon emissions that would have taken place if the area was mined.
Polar bears in winter: insights from Behouden Huys, 1596-1597 | polarbearscience
In summary, Barents and his crew saw or heard no bears from November 4 until January 31, almost exactly the period when the sun was below the horizon – with much activity both before and after. This hiatus of polar bear activity around Behouden Huys did not correlate with the period of most intense storms and cold. The experiences of these men – chronicled by De Veer more than 400 years ago – suggests that polar bears may spend the darkest part of the winter curled up in a sheltered spot rather than out and about looking for food.
Articles: The Democrats' War on Science Aids Our Enemies
It's an article of faith among Democrats, crystallized in the book The Republican War on Science, that Republicans are unscientific boobs stupidly opposing such established verities as anthropogenic global warming promoted by those better educated in the mysteries of science (i.e., Democrats).

Of course this is nonsense, and this week's events prove that it's the Democrats and their appeals to low-information voters (including celebrity and big time coastal donors) that constitutes the real war on science to the detriment of all of us.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: BTW as bad as the cold is in ...
BTW as bad as the cold is in the far east, how come media NOT bringing it up. China as big as US

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