Sunday, January 06, 2013

The Democratic War on Science (with Update) | Power Line
One mark of the pervasive media bias of our time is how easily the risible thesis of Chris Mooney’s book The Republican War on Science gained traction with the mainstream media. It’s become a “goes-without-saying” axiom of political discourse today. Jonathan Adler had the most sober takedown of Mooney’s moonbattery at Regulation magazine back in 2007 (updated and downloadable from SSRN). Here’s Jon’s able summary of the problem of the wider “war on science” argument:
First, Mooney has a penchant for characterizing some legitimate science-related policy positions with which he disagrees as “abuses” of science. Second, he exhibits a blind spot to the misuse and politicization of science by those who espouse political agendas with which he agrees. Third and most important, Mooney pays little attention to the larger institutional context that generates political pressures on science. Without consideration of this broader institutional context, Republican War ultimately fails in its diagnosis and prescriptions.
Don't Politicize Science (Unless You're on My Side): Review of Chris Mooney's 'the Republican War on Science' (Revised and Updated) by Jonathan Adler :: SSRN

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