Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Politicians On Opposite Sides Of Reality | Real Science
Obama declares that he is in control of the climate, while Boris Johnson gives credit to a higher power.
It’s The ENSO, Stupid | Real Science
Obama thinks he controls the climate, but a more practical explanation is ocean circulation patterns. ENSO peaked in the mid-1990s, right when global warming ended.
Sheffield Waste £500K On Climate Change Officers « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
I asked the Council, under FOI, to let me have a list of employees whose jobs “primarily involve work relating to climate change”. It turns out there are ten of them, with salaries ranging from £30000 to £68000. They even include two “Publicity and Promotions” Officers!
I just spent some time at a bus stop with a temperature of -13 F.     The thought of my grandchildren facing -11 F bus stop temperatures someday doesn't inspire me to turn down my thermostat today on their behalf; I'm also not considering biking to the grocery store.

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