Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Warmist David Attenborough getting some well-deserved criticism over his "humans are a plague on the earth" quote

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@clim8resistance @loubgray @BjornLomborg Here's a more succinct version: "I am an insular aristocrat and poor people make me barf"
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He's okay with poor people, as long as there's only a few of them, who live in tribes in forests. @kuze81 @loubgray @BjornLomborg
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@clim8resistance My point exactly. We heard all this in the early 1970's and it was always "they" who will have to stop having kids
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[Bjorn Lomborg] Today, Sir David Attenborough remarkably said that "humans are a plague on the earth" (http://bit.ly/10NotMj). He should have done a bit of fact checking first.

Sounding like this is the year 1800 and he just picked up a copy of Malthus, he predicts we're going to run out of resources, starvation will increase and we're simply running out of space.

Well, most of our resources are getting more plentiful, not less because of innovation (see my Foreign Affairs piece http://fam.ag/LfIoMl).

Starvation, though still a huge issues, has actually declined dramatically: in 1950, 53% of all people in the developing world starved, whereas it has dropped to about 13% today. (Remember, a significant part of the reason for higher food prices and more hunger is that we grow biofuels on an area one-quarter of France.)
Worrying is fine, but let's worry about the real issues, please.

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