Friday, January 04, 2013

Resignation of EPA's Jackson is "serious warning" that climate in danger from Obama White House
Jill Stein, the recent Green Party presidential candidate, said today that the resignation of Lisa Jackson as head of the Environmental Protection Agency underscores the resistance of the Obama administration to dealing with climate change and the environment.
Gore Went to Bat for Al Jazeera, and Himself, in Current TV Deal -
“We were not allowed to the table,” [Glenn Beck] said. “He didn’t sell to the highest bidder. He looked for, Who do I ideologically align with?” Mr. Beck’s producer Stu Burguiere added, “The guy who was vice president of the United States and was 537 votes away from being president during 9/11 is ideologically aligned, by his own definition, with the network that Osama bin Laden went to every time he wanted to get a message out.”
Climate Change and Obesity? | [If you don't ride a bicycle, you'll cause hurricanes and get fat]
You see, NCDs and Climate Change do in fact share the same causes and largely require the same solutions. Carbon-intensive and labour-conserving lifestyles; highly-processed food requiring large energy inputs; larger portions of meat and higher calorie diets; increasing air pollution…
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: This has got to be the coldest ...
This has got to be the coldest start to Jan in history in parts of Nevada. Amazing how far below normal it is.
The Dr. David Viner moment we’ve all been waiting for…a new snow record | Watts Up With That?
It seems despite the sage advice from that East Anglia CRU scientist, a new record for snowfall has been set for the month of December.

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