Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snow will take weeks to thaw as millions face travel chaos by Hayley Dixon | Climate Realists
The snowfall could take weeks to thaw, the Met Office said today as millions of commuters faced being delayed or even stranded tonight in the travel chaos.
Twitter / RyanMaue: Wednesday morning coldest w/GFS ...
Wednesday morning coldest w/GFS 00z along Ontario/Quebec border. 56°F below normal. Actual temp -52°F
Antarctica takes out its frustration on the children of the 1% | Grist
logically, you should fly an entire planeful of kids halfway around the world and put them on a gas-guzzling luxury cruise ship in order to teach them about climate change.
Twitter / ToryAardvark: The latest warmist to block ...
The latest warmist to block me from following them @suzyji joins @CHedegaardEU & @MichaelEMann Still wont make the warming happen losers
Boeing’s efficient Dreamliner planes are especially efficient at battery fires | Grist
Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner™©® was meant to be the company’s cap-featherer, a “super-efficient airplane” that hauls hundreds of people for thousands of miles using 20 percent less fuel than older planes of the same size. The company touted its solar-powered factory that produced zero waste, promising to recycle planes once they’d been retired. The plane’s fuselage even eliminates the use of over 40,000 rivets, reducing waste and resource use.

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