Saturday, January 19, 2013

THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Models have it wrong again: New paper finds clouds act as a negative feedback
A paper published today in the Journal of Climate finds that the global average feedback from clouds is negative, not positive as claimed by climate alarmists. Most climate models are programmed to assume clouds act as a positive feedback that accelerates global warming, but this paper and many others based on observations show this assumption is incorrect.
What Theda Skocpol Gets Wrong About The Climate Bill Fight | ThinkProgress
[Romm] As readers know, I think the opponents of action — the fossil fuel companies, the disinformers, the right wing media, and the anti-science, pro-pollution ideologues in the Senate – deserve 60% of the blame. The lame-stream media gets 30% for its generally enabling coverage — see “How the status quo media failed on climate change” and The media’s decision to play the stenographer role helped opponents of climate action stifle progress.” Then the “Think Small” centrists and lukewarmers get 5% for helping to shrink the political space in the debate (see here and here).

So we are divvying up the remaining 5% of blame between team Obama and environmental groups (along with Senate Democrats, scientists, progressives, and everyone else, including me, and the American public).
Twitter / ChairmanAl: Modelling becoming major problem ...
Modelling becoming major problem in science. Replacing evidence with speculation. Easy to fabricate outcomes & transparency is a big issue.
Twitter / ChairmanAl: KPMG: Automakers shift ...
KPMG: Automakers shift investment from electric back to petrol engine cars electric dream is a nightmare.

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