Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Who will serve on Obama’s second-term green team? | Grist
Much of President Obama’s green team is moving on to greener pastures. EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced last month that she’ll be retiring soon, and Energy Secretary Steven Chu is expected to follow suit. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar is said to be mulling over his future. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood appears to be undecided as well, and there’s a chance that Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack could leave.
Are a Third of IPCC Review Editors MIA? « NoFrakkingConsensus
IPCC review editors were supposed to file a report last September. A third of them apparently didn’t bother.
Physicist Dr. Clive Best mocks global temp predictions: 'What is really going on is their sophisticated climate models are being continuously tuned so as to 'backcast' & agree with past temp data' | Climate Depot
Dr. Best: 'There has been no warming for 17 years. As a result the parameters are now showing little AGW at all for the next 10 years. A scientist should ask the following question.If predictions of global climate models from just 2 years ago have now been invalidated by the data, how can we now have any faith in new predictions made with the same models but with various fudge factors added?'
American Geophysical Union – cheat, decieve, steal, “It’s OK”. « JoNova
The American Geophysical Union – can it be saved?

Seriously: the 2012 Convention included Mann, Gleick, Lewandowsky, Orsekes and Cook.

If you are one of the 58,000 members, you could ask yourself if you want to be aligned to an organization that thinks “science” means sometimes you need to impersonate someone else, steal their documents, and hide your own data. Is it AGU science if you use algorithms so badly that you could replace your data with a phone book and produce the same result? What if your data is used upside down? The AGU thinks you should speak twice.
WashPost columnist dumps on Gore |
Gore comes by his hypocrisy honestly — he got it from his daddy.

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