Thursday, February 21, 2013

2012 U.S. Coal Exports Reach Record High
In 2012 the U.S. exported 114 million metric tons of coal (126 million short tons) — 12 percent more than the previous high set in 1981. The rapid rise of U.S. coal exports exceeded the Department of Energy’s forecast, published in the 2012 Annual Energy Outlook, by 30 percent.
Going the Distance: Range Anxiety Overlooks EVs’ Sweet Spot
U.S. drivers average 13,476 miles per year; that’s 37 miles per day, according to the Office of Highway Policy Information. The most recent National Household Travel Survey by DOT’s Federal Highway Administration puts that number even lower—a scant 29 vehicle miles per day, with an average trip length less than 10 miles.

Either way, these numbers are well within the range of most EVs, especially when you take into account the ability to charge at the office during the work day, or at retail centers while running errands, shopping, and grabbing lunch.  [So people would be happy to spend, say, 30-60 minutes charging their car while running errands?]
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@MITglobalchange study: vehicle efficiency standards >6 times costlier than fuel tax. (News release):
Settled Science Update : Global Warming Means More Snow, Less Snow, Record Snow And No Snow | Real Science

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