Thursday, February 21, 2013

CEI: Lisa Jackson used yet another non-EPA email account as ‘safe harbor’ from transparency
Former Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson used her old New Jersey state government email account to supplement the account that she operated under the alias “Richard Windsor,” which a watchdog group suggests was another attempt to avoid transparency laws.

“It was no longer an account anyone would think to search under any open records request because there was no defensible reason it still should be in operation,” the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Chris Horner said in a statement today. “In other words, like the ‘Richard Windsor’ account, it looks like she assumed this was a safe harbor from the horrors of transparency in public office.”
Which Year Was Most Extreme? « NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT
The following facts are worth noting:-

The winter in 1936 was the 2nd coldest on record. Only the winter of 1979 was colder.
The summer of 1936 was the hottest on record.
Annually, 2012 was warmest, whereas 1936 was ranked 72.

So, a very hot summer and very cold winter in 1936 cancelled each other out, to something about average! It is no surprise then that the “US Climate Extremes Index” for maximum temperature shows 1936 as one of the least extreme on record, while 2012 is top.
C3: 1956: Climate Change Wreaks Havoc Across The World - Disasters Flourish
A list of 1956 severe disasters before 350ppm CO2 levels - must be early climate change, no?

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