Friday, February 08, 2013

Actual, non-sarcastic headline: "Carbon tax could tame severe weather"

Carbon tax could tame severe weather
Not long after U.S. President Barack Obama promised to fight climate change in his inaugural address, temperatures soared to 70 in Baltimore — in late January. Our weather continues to be unrecognizable.
... After [Sandy], everyone asked: Did global warming cause this monster? The answer is: yes, yes, and again yes.
With a carbon tax or fee attached to fossil fuels, we make these fuels steadily more expensive. This would do two things in the marketplace: reflect the harm these fuels do to our planet and, simultaneously, usher carbon-free fuels like wind and solar power into our economy with the speed and breadth of a hurricane surge tide...As gas-fired electricity costs rise, utilities will switch to wind. As oil gets pricier, electric car sales will explode.
Mike Tidwell is director of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network.
Weather History for Baltimore, MD [Maryland] for January
[1907--January high of 74; 1932--January high of 79...]

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