Friday, February 08, 2013

Yale President: Fossil fuel divestment warranted if fossil fuel companies causing ‘grave social injury’ |
Will be interesting to watch. Would Yale stop using electricity, too?
Study finds European cars are less green than claimed - Reuters News - Point Carbon
BRUSSELS, Feb 8 (Reuters) - European car manufacturers are exploiting test loopholes to exaggerate their vehicles' green credentials, an official European Commission study has found.
EUA supply to exceed utility demand by a third in 2013: analysts - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Feb 8 (Reuters Point Carbon) – New supply of EU emissions permits is likely to exceed demand from Europe’s utilities by nearly a third this year, analysts at Thomson Reuters Point Carbon said on Thursday, prompting them to cut their 2013 carbon price forecast by 25 percent.
Sweden to buy 21 million CO2 credits by 2020: official - News - Point Carbon
LONDON, Feb 8 (Reuters Point Carbon) – Sweden needs to buy around 21 million carbon credits by 2020, or three times more than previous estimates, to meet a voluntary emission target for sectors outside the EU cap-and-trade scheme, a government official said Friday.

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