Friday, February 08, 2013

Al Gore backs growing fossil fuel divestment campaign
And Wednesday, former U.S. vice-president Al Gore, a prominent climate activist and Harvard alum, sided with a strengthening campaign to get that school to back out of its oil and gas investments.

“If I were a student, I would support what you’re doing,” Gore told students, speaking on campus at Harvard. “But if I were a board member I would do what I did when we took up the Apartheid issue. This is an opportunity for learning and the raising of awareness, for the discussion of sustainable capitalism.”
Flashback: $100 Million in Oil Money Richer, Al Gore's Unsure Why Critics Are Being So Critical - Business - The Atlantic Wire
In conclusion, Al Gore thinks Al Jazeera is awesome, regardless of whether or not it's bankrolled by greenhouse gases-to-be. Current TV is superior to any mainstream network, regardless of the fact that virtually nobody watched it. And money is dumb, regardless of the fact that Al Gore seems to be collecting buckets of it in a giant tank so that he can swim in a pool of gold coins a la Scrooge McDuck.
Lawrence Solomon: Celsius not rising
Our thermometers simply haven’t been rising. According to a study last month by NASA’s James Hansen, Al Gore’s mentor, temperatures have been “flat for the past decade.” According to the U.K.’s Meteorological Office, every bit Al Gore’s equal in alarmism, the temperature standstill has lasted 15 years and, its revised models say, may extend to 20. No wonder public opinion hasn’t rallied to the alarmist cause.
Eve Ensler connects the dots between violence against women and violence against the planet | Grist
[Ensler, the artist and activist behind The Vagina Monologues] has recently been drawing connections between the violence that men perpetrate against women and the violence that fossil-fuel companies perpetrate against the climate and all of us who depend on it.

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