Thursday, February 07, 2013

Delusions of climate modellers and the madness of crowds « The View From Here
“Climate, Chaos and Irrationality: How the Green Agenda Was Hijacked by Global Warming Theorists” is the provisional title of a book in progress by Martin Cohen. He’s an “environmental activist” who has a long, but very readable, essay in the Dec. 10 issue of the U.K.’s Times Higher Education. Some excerpts...
...[Peter Taylor] At first i could not believe the delusions of the modellers had taken such a hold – it ranks as the worst scientific error in the history of science - that is why it is so hard to get the orthodox to admit to a problem!
Poll: Majority prefers climate change regulations over taxes - The Hill's RegWatch
Only 17 percent of respondents in the poll who identified themselves as Republican said they see the issue as a “very serious” problem, compared with 35 percent of Democrats.
Science | Forecasting Regional Climate Change Flunks Its First Test
Now, a group of global, rather than regional, modelers has tested a widely used regional model by simulating climate change, not just static past climate. Preliminary results show that the model improved little if at all on the fuzzy view of future climate provided by a globe-spanning model.
Errors in IPCC climate science » Blog Archive » BoM made a mistake in announcing hottest January day for Mackay
the BoM mistakenly entered 36.9° as 39.6° – and nobody had the nous to question this for a week.

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