Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Al Gore In Beverly Hills To Talk About His Book And More
Gore then explained the effects of these gases, which he bluntly said were the drought the United States experienced and Superstorm Sandy.
...Gore mentioned that climate events that are supposed to happen every 500 or 1000 years are happening every few years...
He then went back to climate change by saying, "We have to win the conversation…on the climate crisis…"
allAfrica.com: Kenya: Advocates Shocked By President's Veto of Kenyan Climate Authority Bill
"There was no public input in formulation of the bill in accordance with article 118 of the constitution. I recommend that the bill be referred back to parliament to allow for public input," Kibaki's statement said, effectively denying the country its first-ever climate law.
Ed Davey Climate Science Speech - In Full - 12 Feb 2013 - Opinion from BusinessGreen
...when it comes to climate change, it is so important that all the rigours of the scientific method are applied.
Twitter / kate_sheppard [DC warmist does a poor job of hiding her glee at taking a planet-killing long-haul flight to someplace warm this winter]
California: I am all up in you.
Twitter / carolinefiennes: "sceptics never built anything" ...
"sceptics never built anything" says Mr Barclays in @BBCR4Today. What about the whole of #science?? @evanHD

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