Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Brainwashed Oklahoma farmer wants Obama to "roll up his sleeves" and prevent CO2-induced rain and lack of rain from becoming more common

Oklahoma farmer challenges Obama to roll up his sleeves on climate change
We need "disaster prevention" and the only way to prevent the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events like drought, flooding, and superstorms is to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide going into the atmosphere -- the primary driver of a warming planet.  [At the 34-second mark, he actually says that "the droughts and downpours will be more common and more destructive, and in the future, we may not be able to grow many crops where we grow them today"]

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gofer said...

Here's the real reason,it's always about the money:

" Residents are asked to buy an "ECOpass" which is essenitally (sic) an investment in soil conservation on Oklahoma farms. As the website describes it:
ECOpass purchases pay Oklahoma farmers and ranchers a ($5) per acre payment for implementing conservation practices on their land."