Friday, February 22, 2013

Al's Journal : Cap and Trade
The climate crisis is not an insurmountable political challenge—indeed, some US states are already tackling it head on. [Wow, that really sounds heroic!  How much bad weather have they prevented so far?] Just recently, the ten northeastern states of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative agreed to continue cutting their emissions for the next ten years:
German Climate Movement, Catholic University Paper Warns Of Growing Climate Skepticism In Germany
Even Angela Merkel shows hints of being unconvinced by the climate science, and supports the transition to green energy moreso because of an irrational fear she has of a planet inhabited by 9 billion humans all wanting to be prosperous, which she recently revealed at a WBGU meeting
2013 YTD : Fewest Acres Burned In At Least A Decade | Real Science

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