Friday, February 22, 2013

Managing Human Wildlife | NoFrakkingConsensus
Indeed, from the perspective of the National Wildlife Federation, we humans are just another form of wildlife to be managed. Members of the public aren’t presented as voters capable of making up their own minds. The public isn’t viewed as the final authority to whom politicians must answer.

Instead, we’re errant children who require shepherding.
Rumored Energy pick stirring fears on left |
Ernest Moniz likes fracking and nuclear power.
Pakistani utility fuel switches — from gas to coal |
The heretofore gas-powered Karachi Electric Supply Co. is switching to coal because of cost.
Top oil lobbyist: New climate bill will never reach Senate floor |
“I think no, it will not get to the floor, and I think the reason it won’t get to the floor is the dynamics surrounding carbon has changed,” [American Petroleum Institute chief Jack Gerard] told E&E TV.”
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Dr. John Christy explains why climate models greatly exaggerate global warming
A guest post today at a Dutch climate blog by Dr. John Christy notes that climate "models, on average, depict the last 34 years as warming about 1.5 times what actually occurred" and that the model predictions diverge from observations by even more [2.5 times] in the atmospheric layers most affected by greenhouse gases [the missing 'hot spot']. According to Dr. Christy, "Since this increased warming in the upper layers is a signature of greenhouse gas forcing in models, and it is not observed, this raises questions about the ability of models to represent the true vertical heat flux processes of the atmosphere and thus to represent the climate impact of the extra greenhouses gases we are putting into the atmosphere" and "models, on average, have been overly sensitive" to the effect of greenhouse gases.

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