Friday, February 22, 2013

∑∑When Will It Be Time To Actually Do Something About Climate Change?
[Warmist Terry Tamminen] the National Academy of Sciences reported in 2010 that 97% of 1,372 climate researchers agree that these fundamental changes in our climate are human-caused.
Relaxed about climate | The Australian
GREG Combet and his gobal warming friends should have a good look at the photograph of Rajendra Pachauri ("Nothing off-limits in climate debate", 22/2).

Pachauri doesn't look like someone scared witless by global warming alarmism. Instead, he has the relaxed look of someone whose finances are in good order and who is looking forward to a nice lunch.

It hasn't warmed in 17 years, there has been a good snowfall in the northern hemisphere, the ice is back where it should be in the Arctic and the latest forecast is that warming is unlikely within the next four years.
Roger Pielke Jr asked to leave the board of Global Environmental Change – Shub Niggurath Climate
He attacked a paper written by Naomi Oreskes and Michael Oppenheimer which showed that climate scientists err on the side of least drama.

Faced by the criticism, the powers that be went behind his back. And he was removed from the journal’s editorial board the paper was published in. Or so he thinks.
C3: 1957: Sub-350 Climate Change Erupts & Rages Across The Globe - Prior To KeystoneXL
Over recent years, green-sharia scientists, pundits and mainstream journalists have claimed that every new severe weather event is a sign of climate change because atmospheric CO2 levels are above 350 ppm - they say 2012 weather disasters are examples of this, but they conveniently forget about 1957...a terrible year for sub-350 climate change eruptions

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