Tuesday, February 05, 2013

America’s Baby Bust | JunkScience.com
The nation’s falling fertility rate is the root cause of many of our problems. And it’s only getting worse.
What to Expect When No One's Expecting: America's Coming Demographic Disaster: Jonathan V. Last: Amazon.com: Books
For years, we have been warned about the looming danger of overpopulation: people jostling for space on a planet that’s busting at the seams and running out of oil and food and land and everything else.

It’s all bunk. The “population bomb” never exploded.
Emissions: Beijing's record smog poses health nightmare as China plans 'green' energy future -- 02/05/2013 -- www.eenews.net
Last month, Beijing hit record levels of air pollution, engulfing the city with smog 20 times higher than world safety levels.
Nurses Oppose Keystone XL Pipeline, Cite Adverse Effects of Increased Air Pollution, Climate Change | National Nurses United
Citing serious adverse health concerns, National Nurses United announced today that it is joining with environmentalists, unions and other organizations from across the country to oppose the Keystone XL Pipeline – the 1,700 mile of tar sands oil pipeline from Canada to refineries in Texas. With 185,000 members, NNU is the largest organization and union of registered nurses.
NNU is particularly concerned about the impact of climate change in hastening the spread of infectious disease, waterborne and food borne pathogens, and air pollution which already lead to significant health problems across the U.S.
Carbon emissions are a major factor in intensifying climate change. Higher air temperatures can increase bacteria-related food poisoning, such as salmonella, and animal-borne diseases such as West Nile virus.
The nurses are also supporting a Robin Hood Tax – a small tax on Wall Street trades that could raise up to $350 billion a year. A portion of that money could go toward finding safe green energy to challenge the domination of the global fossil fuel industry and make a substantial contribution to addressing the global challenge of climate change.

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