Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Rocky Kistner: Break Out of Groundhog Day, Cut Carbon Pollution and Heal the Climate
we can recognize the root of the problem, the billions of tons of carbon pollution we spew haphazardly into the air. It doesn’t take a climate scientist to figure that out.
Under Obama, coal country fights for its way of life - The Denver Post
The White House declined to comment for this article
The Crisis of Climate Change Reporting
Orion is teaming up with national media watchdog Free Press to convene a panel of journalists and activists to propose concrete actions for improving reporting on the climate.

On February 14, join a panel of writers and thinkers at 4 p.m. Eastern to discuss ways to rectify the situation. Kate Sheppard of Mother Jones, Orion columnist Bill McKibben
U.S. Solar Will Eclipse Wind in 2013, Says Duke Energy - Bloomberg
The U.S. will add more solar power in 2013 than wind energy for the first time as wind projects slump and cheap panels spur demand for photovoltaic systems, according to the head of Duke Energy Corp. (DUK)’s renewable-energy development unit.
Murkowski Says Gas Boom Should Back Clean-Energy Options - Bloomberg
Senator Lisa Murkowski, citing a need for policies to deal with abundant energy supplies after years of scarcity, offered proposals that include expanding oil and gas development to help underwrite clean-energy research.

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