Sunday, February 10, 2013

Amory Lovins: Climate Change: No Breakthroughs Needed, Mr. President
Iowa alone is now 20 percent wind-powered, and with only three more doublings, will receive all its electricity from wind while exporting the excess -- its current goal for 2030.
Twitter / Revkin: Who needs a publicist when ...
Who needs a publicist when there's ? [Hey, that's me!
Twitter / Revkin: Not every old Gulf rig should ...
Not every old Gulf rig should be kept, but fed. program blowing up 3/week is nuts: An option:
Government Scientist Gets Fired for Telling the Truth - David Spady
Dr. Houser did the right thing. He did his job. His integrity as a scientist was more important than a paycheck. But he remains concerned about his colleagues in DOI, “There are a lot of good scientists that work for the government but they are scared, they are scared that what happened to me might happen to them. This is an issue (about) the honesty and transparency of government and an issue for other scientists in government who want to speak out.” A few weeks ago Dr. Houser settled a wrongful discharge case with the DOI. Terms of his settlement are not public.

Now, seven more DOI scientists working on the Klamath Project have filed a complaint with PEER (Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility) claiming they have been reassigned or terminated for disagreement with the integrity of the science used to support dam removal. They have charged DOI’s Bureau of Reclamation’s management with “coercive manipulation, sublimating science to political priorities, censorship, and scientific misconduct.”

The government’s use of fictional science in the Klamath dam removal project should concern every American. Our public servants at DOI are brazenly advancing their own agendas at the expense of the truth and regardless of adverse impacts on the environment, humans, and on rural communities.  [Via Principia Scientific]

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