Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Global Warming Report: Scientists Lied to Australian Parliament
Roberts invites readers to examine the evidence on offer in this new study and to verify for themselves that CSIRO has misled the media. He points to three key falsehoods that any objective examination of the available scientific proves.
Don't panic about global warming
Try this experiment. Watch a thermometer until it goes up or down one-tenth degree. Feel the difference? No, you didn't. That's what's to gain if the entire U.S. gives up all its CO2-emitting vehicles.
Ask Marilyn: Still More on Sandy and Climate Change
[Q] ...What your readers should have heard is that whether or not any one storm was made worse by climate change, there is incontrovertible evidence that climate change is making our weather more extreme. Moreover, the rate at which climate change is progressing exceeds all scientific estimates.

Marilyn responds:

Just one comment: The warmer-than-average coastal waters and the affect of air temperature on a storm seem more like short-term weather factors to me.
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