Friday, February 22, 2013

ARB announces results of latest Cap-and-Trade auction - California
A total of 12,924,822 allowances for 2013 were sold at a clearing price of $13.62 per allowance. For 2016, a total of 4,440,000 allowances were sold at a clearing price of $10.71 per allowance.
Report: Former EPA official who made ‘crucify’ comment sent email to Jackson’s alias address |
That would be Al “The Centurion” Armendariz.
U.N. global warming: Why the United Nations won’t make bold proposals on climate change. - Slate Magazine
Oceans are rising 60 percent faster than the U.N. had projected.
Blocking the Keystone Pipeline: Who Benefits? | Power Line
If the Obama administration holds firm on blocking Keystone, the big loser will be TransCanada Corporation. But who will the big winners be? American railroads:
There is a real irony here. It has been an article of faith on the Left that the Keystone Pipeline is intended to benefit their beta noire, Koch Industries, even though Koch has no interest in, or use for, the pipeline, and has not even taken a position on whether it should be built. In fact, however, one of the principal parties in interest–albeit on the other side–is the supposedly saintly Warren Buffett, who earned that reputation by arguing for higher tax rates on ordinary income, a tax he doesn’t pay. Once again, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the environmentalists are dupes.

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