Friday, February 22, 2013

Tesla Is The New Apple
Yes, people have been predicting the EV revolution for decades now.
The Electric Car Is an Abomination | RealClearPolitics
[Robert Tracinski] But the folks at Tesla have gotten swept up in the quasi-religious hype of environmentalism. They're not just manufacturing a curiosity for hobbyists. They're saving the planet, one preening and sanctimonious upper-middle-class driver at a time.

In service to this environmentalist posturing, they've turned the whole purpose of technology on its head. We have to use more of our, human resources—more of our precious time and effort—in order to save natural resources. The machines can't serve us, because we have to serve nature. Instead of making labor-saving devices, they're making labor-sucking devices. And if we complain that the new green technology isn't good enough, we're told that it is we who are not good enough for the technology.

That's why the electric car, in its current incarnation, is a technological abomination.
Flashback: Affordable, desirable electric cars: They've been just around the corner for over 100 years

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Anonymous said...

an electric car is not a climate thing. In spite of claims to the contrary, there is not enough oil for US style consumption extended to 7 billion people. Gasoline car is only cheaper and better if you can keep 80% of the planet's population from using it. Diversification of transportation is essential.

Current economic troubles of the world are sometimes hard to understand because they are convolved with political malfeasance and confounded by manipulation of money. At heart, these troubles represent barriers to economic growth imposed by resource limitations. These will not go away without technological improvements.