Friday, February 22, 2013

Pachauri quietly blows goalposts away, pretends to like skeptics. It’s all PR to keep the gravy train running. « JoNova
Pachauri is chief PR officer for the Global-not-so-Warming-Gravy-Train. His job is to say things with a straight face that are the complete opposite to what he’s said before, and to pretend he has never said anything differently.
Hansen Ups The Ante To Eight Metres | Real Science
Earlier today I showed that two metres of sea level rise is an idea for the severely brain damaged. Now Hansen bumps it up to eight metres.
I added the eight metre line on to the graph. Hansen is a world class wanker.
Why Politicians May Not Rely On Their Own Uninformed Opinion On Climate Change Science | ThinkProgress
[Warmist Donald Brown] The government official is like the railroad official who’s been told by employees in a position to know the location of the company’s trains that there is a runaway train hurtling toward a bus full of children that’s stuck on the track, when the official has the ability to divert the train onto a track on which no humans will be harmed.

In the case of climate change, government officials should know that 97 of every 100 scientists that actually do peer-reviewed climate science research in the United States — by the most prestigious scientific organizations including the US National Academy of Sciences — have concluded that greenhouse gases coming from their constituents threaten catastrophic harm.
Consecutive Years With No Hurricanes Coming More Frequently | Real Science
Since the Civil War, there have only been four times when two consecutive years produced no hurricanes in the US. Two of them have been since the year 2000.

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