Saturday, February 23, 2013

Australian academics: Democracy should be replaced by 'elite warrior leadership' in order to fight global warming
The world is full of envirofundamentalist doomsday prophets, who paint a grim picture of what is ahead for humanity. Few are however as candid as the two Australians, professor emeritus of medicine David Shearman and philosopher and ecologist Joseph Wayne Smith, who openly attack the liberal democratic system, which they think should be replaced by an authoritarian "elite warrior leadership".
EXCLUSIVE Interview With Elon Musk on How Model S Manages Cold Weather
It's been proven, eventually, that Broder didn’t use the best judgement possible when he floored the Model S or when he turned the heat up for longer than necessary.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Cant wait to hear the ...
Cant wait to hear the warmingistas excuse when it tries to snow into fla next weekend
EDF Energy To Sue Environmentalists Over Power Station Sit-in | Tory Aardvark
Last November 21 members of the No Dash For Gas sect of the Church of Climatology organized a sit-in at the West Burton power station in Nottinghamshire, which caused the power station to shut down for 8 days.
ABC, Helen Caldicott sinks to mocking the unwell, Monckton responds « JoNova
Helen Caldicott and the ABC have excelled themselves in the Art of Ad Hominem. So much so, that Christopher Monckton is not only writing to the ABC, but also to medical registration boards as well, calling for Caldicotts’s de-registration.

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