Saturday, February 23, 2013

Coldest winter freeze of the year | UK
As biting winds brought temperatures down as low as -15C (5F) the Met Office upgraded its Level Two health alert to the more ­serious Level Three.

Charities warned that the toll of weather-related deaths among the elderly is soaring as the bitter cold, combined with record energy prices, leaves many struggling to survive. The National Federation of Occupational Pensioners said deaths among its members had doubled since the New Year.

It warned that as many as 26,000 elderly people could die this winter, the worst death toll since 2008/09.
VPR News: Will Sen. Lindsey Graham Be The Next Republican To Face A Primary Challenger?
Republican senators who have shown moderate leanings have been hit with primary challenges from the right recently, and while no serious challenger has emerged yet in South Carolina, there are a whole lot of people hoping one does.
...[Graham] once worked on climate change legislation
EU and China stumble towards solar trade war | Reuters
(Reuters) - China's leadership transition is complicating talks to resolve a multi-billion-dollar dispute with the European Union over solar panels, pushing both sides closer to placing punitive tariffs on each others' exports and risking a trade war.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Just posted on ...
Just posted on on the lynch mob that should be heading for the ground hog. Winters roar well into March this year
The Polluted Keystone Pipeline Discourse : Collide-a-Scape
So what Abraham does with his needless flaming of conservatives, which has nothing to do with his main (and misguided) point on Keystone, is reinforce the already intensely polarized debate on climate change. Way to go! That’s really moving the ball closer to your goal line. And on top of that, his toxic language tars, by association, the anti-Keystone pipeline cause. What he’s done is pollute the science communication environment with the “anti-science, anti-environment” tropes commonly used to demonize one’s opponents.

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