Sunday, February 17, 2013

Billionaire climate hoax radical takes fossil-fueled flight from California to DC, braves freezing temperatures, feels as if his global warming fears might be "insane"?

Billionaire has unique role in official Washington: climate change radical - The Washington Post
When Thomas Steyer — a San Francisco billionaire and major Democratic donor — discusses climate change, he feels as if one of two things is true: what he’s saying is blindingly obvious, or insane.

“I feel like the guy in the movie who goes into the diner and says, ‘There are zombies in the woods and they’re eating our children,’ ” Steyer said during a recent breakfast at the Georgetown Four Seasons, his first appointment in a day that included meetings with a senator, White House confidant and other D.C. luminaries.
Steyer is convinced that global greenhouse gas emissions will have to begin to fall within the next few years or the world will suffer catastrophic consequences. But when he talks to many in his circle — including business leaders and prominent politicians — he finds them oblivious to what he sees as a monumental threat.
“When you talk about global warming you’ve lost 90 percent of the public, unless you make it real to them,” he said.
Although he and his college-age daughter braved freezing temperatures at Sunday’s climate rally in Washington, he’s not a masochist. While marching with his daughter and her classmates en route to the White House, he declared, “I look forward to buying everyone a warm drink at the Willard” Hotel — proof that perhaps he could fit neatly into the Washington establishment after all.

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